Author: Alex Bonnette


Four Ways to Decrease Knee Pain

Low Impact Low Impact? It is a term often thrown around when given advice about knee pain, but what does it really mean? Well basically we want to decrease the amount of force that is applied to the knee and lower extremities during walking/running that is produced by gravity. Since we cannot change gravity we must make some other external change. This can be done by losing we [...]


Tips to Finding the Right Physical Therapy Clinic for YOU

After speaking with several patients and other PTs I put together this list of attributes for finding the right PT clinic, enjoy! Treatment by a Physical Therapist Physical Therapists are now being educated to a Doctoral level and with that comes a vast amount of knowledge to assess and treat patients. In my opinion, a Physical therapist should be the primary caregiver. Too [...]


Top 5 Ways to Alleviate Low Back Pain

Low back pain can linger for long periods and it's time to seek out a solution. Here are 5 ways that can help alleviate the pain. Movement Analysis/Assessment By going to a specialist such as a Physical Therapist, you can determine how efficiently you are moving during various positions and activities throughout the day. This is important because certain muscles can be wo [...]


Cardio Options

Many people have several misconceptions with cardio regarding how long to do it, what type of cardio is best and what target HR is best. Today we are going to go over a few of the highlights that I find important for whatever goal you may have set and give proper advice as well as educate you from fact and myth. Type of Cardio Competition-If you are a competitor it is always [...]

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