How To Bounce Back From An Injury

How To Bounce Back From An Injury

You started 2018 focusing on your health – your New Years Resolution; diet upgraded to include all the essential mega health foods – vegetables and protein your doctor said you needed during your last visit. But, you are more excited to start working out and running 30 minutes for at least 3 times per week for the cardio you’ve been missing. Plus, the best benefit of all, getting off the couch! The weather has also cooperated with warmer than usual weather. So, you start your running regime, bought the latest and greatest shoes and the best workout gear so you look like a pro. You’re all in!

Then, something funny happens. Not really funny, but strange. After a few minutes of jaunting down the street, your knee buckles and you falter around.  You continue on and think nothing of it since it’s been years since you were active.

The next day you awake to a throbbing pain in your knee and swelling the size of a grapefruit! You try to get out of bed, but need assistance from anything and everything to get around. (spoiler alert – you will get through this says Dr. B.)

After visiting your PCP, you’re sent to see a specialist. The diagnosis is not as bad as you have been stressing about – a torn meniscus. So, you get the recommended pain medication, have orthoscopic surgery and sign up for Physical Therapy with Dr. Bonnette and are now on the road to recovery.  But, you need to stick with the physical therapy game plan so that you heal correctly.

Dr. Bonnette and his staff will take the time to make sure you are progressing at your own speed, yet challenging you for optimal performance. We take all injuries seriously. Soon, you’ll be taking that jog around the block in no time.

Tips From Dr. B

  • Make sure to stretch while warming up your muscles before your workout, as well as after your workout for about 10-15 minutes. You just need some activity to get the blood flowing throughout your body and warming up those muscles.
  • For more information about how you can bounce back from an injury, call Bonnette Elite Physical Therapy in White Settlement 817-862-9665 or on Hulen Street in Fort Worth, 817-885-0668.